About Durga Cafe

  • Café Durga is a leading food service retailer in Pune. Established 10 years ago as a coffee giant, now we are known for our popular fast food menu and coffee combos which is light on pockets and heavy on stomachs. As a team we realized the growing potential of the ever so famous “cold coffee” and this motivated us to fulfill the need to serve our customers, coffee and snacks at the most competitive rates which is really hard to believe, considering the inflation and the ever increasing price of commodities. We have expanded 45 branches in 7 cities over the last 10 yrs. We are looking forward to expand profitably, thus serving more customers and expanding our family.
  • Our Mission

  • We at Cafe Durga, are dedicated to the production of high quality products which provide value for money to our customer. We intend to satisfy our customers by offering products at competitive prices as per their taste and demand.
  • Our Vision

  • To be India's leading coffee brand, with our presence in every big and small city of our country. We at Cafe Durga, are committed to seeking continuous improvement in quality, value for money and customer satisfaction.
Why special Durga Coffee?
  • What makes our coffee unique?
    A passion for delicious coffee and the quest for perfection.

  • Everything is more enjoyable if you share it with a friend and we want to share what we know with you.


Durga Cold Cofee. Durga Hot Cofee.

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