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  1. Smriti Pandey

    I wonder why a talked about chain of restaurants allowed such an arognt n rude lady to sit at the cash counter of viman Nagar Branch ?!? N that pretty lady has misbehaved with many of my colleagues n friends.... she is so proud the cafe is running from last FOUR YEARS N that is why the tea I have ordered should be awesome.... Wat an amazing excuse of a bad Tea.....(TEA, Which was actually pathetic in real.... ) I asked to at least put some cardamom or ginger .... N she started shouting like a hostel warden ... Omg without accepting the mistake she started shouting, somedays can be a bad tea days... Anyway this was my first visit... n will b last too... My frnds n colleagues has already stopped going to ur place.... Thank u for n amazing hospitality... :) Much Love !

  2. Atharva

    Its a great time at Durga Cafe, LOVELY COFFEE......

  3. Dr. Vinod

    Very nice coffee, I would like to visit again

  4. meena

    very good coffee